STRATICUT® 230 LVT - Laminate and vinyl flooring guillotine
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STRATICUT® 230 LVT - Laminate and vinyl flooring guillotine

Gencod : 3476060893550 / Weight : 7.560 kg

Fast and effortless cutting.
No sharpening required ever on blade.
No breathable dust.
No noise.
Cutting die with 2 positions :
- Position 1 (narrow die) : to cut LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), HD vinyl and PVC floorings up to 12 mm thick.
- Position 2 (wide die) : to cut laminate floorings up to 12 mm thick and class 33 wooden floors for very heavy traffic in commercial area (according to European regulation EN 685).
Max. width with stoppers : 230 mm overall.
Removable stoppers to make angle cuts, cuts in length and wider than 230 mm planks.
Accessories :
- 1 trestle.
- 1 dust collector.

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